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Wood & Whiskey

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Outdoor Wood & Whiskey
Wood & Whiskey @ Nezzy's

Our Wood & Whiskey Events offer the chance for adults to express their creativity by making wood mosaics in a fun social setting.

For the event we provide guided instruction and all necessary materials (wood, glue and hangers).

Event length approximately 3 hours.


Would you like to host an event? Events can be hosetd at public or private venues, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Alcohol is NOT included in the event event fee.

For booking:

Required class size 4-12

Length of class 3 hours

Deposit of $100 

(due at time of booking)

Total cost: $25/person

(Balance due 24 hours

before event)


For questions or to book

your event, contact us today!

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Event Supplies

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